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Allen Sawyer

Allen Sawyer is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, and restaurateur known for his diverse business ventures and legal expertise in criminal and injury litigation.

Some of his successful businesses include Blue Frog Wines, a boutique winery focused on sustainable viticulture practices; Cult Following Wines, a brand offering innovative flavors using cutting-edge winemaking techniques; All Transportation, Inc., a motor carrier specializing in reliable freight transportation services; and House of Shaw Cafe, a charming coffee eatery in Stockton known for its delicious cuisine and warm ambiance, which Allen purchased and then partnered with Dave Royce who manages the cafe; Havana Leaf and Vine, a premium cigar store in Lincoln Center, offering a diverse range of cigars, including rare and limited editions, in a comfortable setting for enthusiasts.

With his diverse business and culinary experience, Allen Sawyer founded The Exchange 1874.Based on his early exposure to restaurants like Alice Waters famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Allen modeled The Exchange on the principles of best in breed ingredients, elevated proteins, and transparency in menu descriptions. The true farm-to-fork concept is simple, the best ingredients strengthened by regional partnerships with farms in our area.  Allen wanted to intertwine the farm-to-fork concept with superb service. A restaurant that focuses on the customer experience.

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